Family Promise provides assistance to
homeless children and their families in Lee County.

Emergency Housing:  Families are provided overnight housing at one of 15 local “Host Churches” assisted by one of 18 “Support Churches”.  They have a day center where families can receive one-on-one support, study, search for jobs and share meals together.  The current capacity is 4 families/14 individuals.

Support Services:  Family Promise addresses challenges such budgeting and money management, job retention, and child care with families.  They also connect them to other community-based services.  This is all done with a goal of helping the families build stability and prevent a return to homelessness.

Employment:    Clients are coached on integrity, reliability, and the value of working.   Emphasis is placed on making employment a high personal priority. 

Family Promise is financially supported primarily by local congregations, businesses, individuals and grants.  It is a faith based community organization that depends on the support of local congregations.  Congregations can support it in several ways:

  1. Host Church:  Provide shelter, meals, and volunteers.
  2. Support Church:  Assist with meals and volunteers
  3. Provide financial support. 
  4. Donate household and hygiene items.
  5. Volunteer for maintenance and upkeep of day center which is located at 2302 Woodland Ave in Sanford.
PO Box 2862 ● Sanford, NC 27331
Our Church Coordinator is Brooke Bruner

Dinner Host Guidelines
We host meals in the Snack Room of the FLC.

  • Meal hosts need to be brought around 5:30pm.
  • Dinner is usually served at 6:00pm.
  • Our Church coordinator will know numbers of individuals and ages.
  • You are encouraged to socialize with the families.
  • Dinners are usually served buffet style so guests can serve themselves. 
  • The meal should include beverage and desert.

Overnight Host Guidelines
We host in the FLC

  • Each guest family and host will have a room with air mattresses.
  • Bring whatever you want to put on it (sheets/sleeping bag/pillow/blanket.)  Bring any toiletries you will need. 
  • Confirm what time guests will be picked up in the morning. (Sometimes as early as 6:00 am on school days, sometimes as late as 8:00 am on non-school days.) . Guests are not supposed to leave the church property once they arrive without prior notification.
  • You don’t have any real “jobs” in the evening.  Kids can play or do homework in the FLC area.  You can interact, help with homework, visit with parents, etc.  Often after dinner, the families have their own family time.  In that case, just be available for any circumstances that may need your assistance.
  • Around 8:30 PM check and be sure all outside doors are locked. No one should go out of the building after the doors are locked. You can go to bed whenever you want to.
  • Wake up 15-20 minutes before the families departure time.  Help set out breakfast items; usually cereal, fruit, pastries. Families do what they want for breakfast, you don’t have a “meal” to serve.  Families can pack lunches/snacks/leftovers to take with them if they wish.
  • You should be able to leave at 7:00am.

Our families have a checklist of rules they must follow. They also have weekly goals to meet. Families are to clean up after themselves and also watch their own children. You are not a babysitter, but an encourager. What a wonderful ministry opportunity we at FBC have to share Christ with these families in need.