A Message on Reopening In Person Services

The past few months have been difficult times for all of us in many, many ways.  We have had to rethink almost every aspect of our lives as we navigate the Coronavirus pandemic.  Much of what we took for granted, we have had to rethink in order to keep ourselves, our families and each other as safe as possible.  Not the least of which was the fact that we have not been able to meet to worship together.  While we have been able to listen to church services on the radio and watch the services through YouTube livestreaming, we all have missed being able to worship together as a congregation.  And we yearn for the time that we can be together once again.  

Several weeks ago when North Carolina went to Phase II of reopening, the deacons were polled to survey their best advice on whether or not the time was right for us to begin in person worship services.  The overwhelming majority of the deacons urged patience and caution.  The consensus was that we wait a few more weeks and reassess the wisdom of returning together for Sunday morning worship. On Sunday, June 7th, an ad hoc committee, named by the Deacon Chair, composed of church staff, deacons, a physician, and a representative from Building and Grounds met to discuss reopening and decided that we could begin offering members the opportunity to worship together on Sunday mornings.  The plan for reopening, as detailed below, was then presented to the deacons and was overwhelmingly approved.  As a result, we will offer in person worship services beginning June 14thAt the present time, there are no plans to resume Sunday School.  Classes are encouraged to continue their online Sunday School meetings. 

We are confident that some may not feel comfortable returning to worship for some time.  Please know that we understand this and will continue to offer the 11:00 service through the radio and livestreamed through YouTube.  We want to serve our entire congregation and we trust that each and every member and family will make the decision to worship in person or in your home in light of your own unique circumstances.  We know that high risk categories such as age, underlying health conditions or a need to protect family members whose health may be compromised are all valid reasons for wisely deciding to stay at home until you can safely return in person to worship services.  

Click Here For The Plan We Will Use For Resuming In Person Worship Services