First Baptist Weekday Education Center

The Weekday Education Center has been a part of first Baptist Church since September of 1981.  It was known as the First Baptist Preschool Education Center.  The program began with one class of two and three year old preschoolers and one teacher.  It was housed on the second floor of the old ’55 building.  This ministry provided care for the children in First Baptist Church as well as the community.

During the past 35 years the program has grown thanks to a wonderful staff, community needs, and the support of First Baptist Church.  During this time period the name of the program changed to First Baptist Weekday Education Center.  We now have 14 different classes range in ages from one – four year olds.  There are currently 16 staff positions at the preschool.  We are located in the same building but on the lowest level and one on the second level, which was renovated from a fellowship hall to beautiful preschool classrooms.  These rooms house both First Baptist Church and Weekday ministries for preschoolers.

First Baptist Weekday has children from Lee, Moore, Harnett, Wake, and Chatham counties attending our program.  We offer learning opportunities that help each child develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually during their time in our program.

We have low adult-child ratios.  There are two adults in each classroom.  Our Weekday Director and Assistant Director are also involved with the children and their parents.  All preschool age children are welcome into our program.

Registration for fall classes occurs in January for students already in our program and church members.  We open to the public on or around February 1st.  Information can be obtained from our WEC Director’s office. 

Our main goal is that the children in our program will know that they are loved by the WEC staff and FBC staff members.  Ultimately, it is our prayer that the children and their families will see the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through actions and words of all involved in our Weekday ministry. 

We have a tremendous WEC committee.  Their backgrounds are in education, business, law, etc.  Some are parents of children currently in our program or have previously been in our program.  All have a heart for the ministry that our preschool provides. 

A memorial scholarship program was established in memory of King Moore Willis who served on the WEC committee.  Church members have donated money to this fund which has enabled many preschoolers to continue their preschool activities in spite of financial hardship in the family.  All donations are appreciated and will help to continue meeting future needs as they come up.  These gifts are another way in which we share the love of God with those around us.