First Baptist Weekday Education Center

At First Baptist weekday education center, it is our desire to help a child realize that he/she is an important part of God’s creation.   We want to provide an warm, loving Christian atmosphere where the child feels loved, cared for, and valued.   We want to give each child an opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually to the best of his/her ability.   We want them to have play based opportunities for self-expression through language, music, art, and play experiences.  Our prayer is that the children and their families see the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through actions and our words of all involved in our weekday ministry.

Our History

The weekday Education Center has been a part of First Baptist Church since September 1981.   It was known as the First Baptist Preschool Education Center.   The program began with one class of 2-year old’s and one class of 3-year old’s and a teacher for each.  It was housed on the second floor of the old ’55 building.   This ministry provided care for the children that attended First Baptist Church as well as the community.  

During the past 41+ years the program has grown thanks to the support of First Baptist Church, our community, and of course our wonderful staff.  During this time the name of the program was changed to First Baptist Weekday Education Center.   We now have 7 different classes and a staff of 17 staff members. We are in the same building but have moved most of our classes to the lowest level, only leaving 2 classes in the original location.   This was possible because of the renovation to the old fellowship hall which was turned into beautiful preschool classrooms.   These classrooms also double as Sunday School Classes on Sundays. 

First Baptist Weekday Education Committee

We have a tremendous WEC committee.   They work hard for our program, as they help with the decisions that are made for the betterment of all involved with our preschool.  They have backgrounds in education, business, law, etc.   Some of the members of this committee are parents of current students or past students.   All of them have a heart for the ministry that our preschool provides.