The Deacon’s Closet

Craig Autry

Deacon Chairman: 2022-2023

The Deacon Body at First Baptist Church consists of 24 active deacons serving for a 3 year term with 8 Deacons rotating off each year and 8 new or returning Deacon’s rotating on for a new 3 year term.

A Deacon’s primary responsibilities are to serve the families of the Church.  Deacon’s provide additional support to the Pastoral Staff thru regular visitations, phone calls and/or cards of encouragement to families assigned to them.  Deacon’s are available to families during times of family loss or emergencies and are encouraged to reach out to them to provide support as needed during stressful times.

Deacons are selected and nominated by the Nominating committee, seeking to provide a mix of new candidates to be ordained by the Church at a special Ordination service, as well as previously ordained deacons who have served on the Deacon board in prior years. 

Proposed Deacons are approved by the Church in Conference when the nominating committee submits their completed nominating report before the beginning of the New Church year which begins in October.

Regular Deacon Meetings are scheduled on the second Sunday of each month, to discuss issues within the Church and to make recommendations to Church in Conference for updates and changes to Church policy.  Deacons do not make or change Church policy, only make recommendations to the Church for changes.

First Baptist Church Deacons: 2022-2023

Please contact the church office, or fill out the contact form below if you would like to be contacted by your deacon or a minister.

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