First Baptist Church of Sanford Radio Ministry – Dr. Sam Roach with Rev. Jacob Peterson

Faith Healers

Purpose and Role of Government

Music Choices for Christians

How has God Used the U.S. for Good?

Training Your Child Up

Assurance of Salvation

Making Good Decisions

Who Needs the Church?

Finding the Will of God

Interfaith Dialogues

Congregational Governance and Church Membership

Church Discipline and Restoration

Can I trust the Bible

Does God promise us material prosperity

The 7 Deadly Sins

Reformation Day

The Reformers

Is the persecution of Christians in the West coming soon?

Veteran’s Day

Being Thankful

What are appropriate and inappropriate reasons for leaving a church?

Redeeming the Time

The Historical Santa

The Prophecies of Christmas

Eternal Security

Why You Should Study Theology

Who God Is

A Reasonable Faith

God’s Attribute of Holiness

The Independence and Unchangeableness of God

To God’s Glory

Relativism and the Christian Faith

What misunderstanding about God is hurting the Church the most?

Attributes of God: Omnipresence and Unity

The Meaning of Easter

Attribute of God: Love

Attribute of God: Righteousness or Justice

Signs, Omens and Messages